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Joshua N’Gon: Last Prince of Alkebulahn


Joshua N’Gon is a Fourteen year old foster child from Africa. He has grown up in a loving home in north London and for all intents and purposes he was an ordinary teenager. The reality though could not be further from the truth. Joshua is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma and he is beginning to understand he has a destiny that is far beyond what he could ever have imagined.

On his tenth birthday he receives a mysterious package from his birth parents. He is given articles of technology that even his young mind realized were so far beyond what he knew and understood that they were almost magical. Joshua straps on a tribal hierloom of obvious alien origin – a miraculous multi-tool he calls his RCT– Real Cool Tool that bonds with his arm and is irremovable. And so begin his physical changes too, the headaches, the flashes of genius, the visions and the amnesia.

With his friends Brick and Mina they slowly help him to unravel the mystery of who he is. In the meantime dark corporate forces are gathering in the horizon as Joshua’s talents and his interest in finding his family has piqued the curiosity of powerful people. Soon as his life and the life of those he loves are threatened he must come to grips with his gifts and the miraculous alien technology that founded his people.


Last Prince Soundtrack written and produced by Omzz.

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Meet the Characters

Joshua N'Gon

On Joshua's tenth birthday, he receives amazing technological gifts that could only be extraterrestrial in nature. What he did not know was they came from his real family.. And then he is told he is an alien prince with a destiny he cannot explain. With his best friends in tow Joshua must find out what part he has to play in something, he knows will change his life.

Kanu Umbekwi

High Evolutionary - Kanu Umbekwi was cast out of the mythical lands of Alkebulahn in Africa for his crimes. Banished to the Outerlands of London with no memory of his former life, He begins to rebuild with the aid of his constant companion the Arachnobot. As he pieces his shattered memory back together. This time he will stop at nothing to rule the planet.


Jamal BricKmanworth III became Joshua's best friend when they joined forces in a computer games tournament. Brick as he is called attends the school that is the rival to Joshua's St. Augustine. His father is American and his mom is English. He went to school in the states for many years but now lives in the UK. He is a natural salesman and entrepreneur and is fiercely loyal to his friends.


Zion Thomas is fourteen years old and lives on the eastside of the Wharnton Estate and met Joshua under unusual circumstances. They became very good friends and Joshua has a particular soft spot for her. Zion is smart, outgoing and loves music. She doesn't know Joshua's secret as yet but when she does it will be too late.

Meena Mistry

Meena Patel is one of Joshua's best friends. She is a music prodigy at St. Augustines with a passion for extreme sports. Meena is very protective, strong willed and calm under pressure. She is one of the few people who, know Joshua's secrets and will fight to protect them.


The Really Cool Tool or RCT was given to Joshua on his tenth birthday. It has been a part of his real family for thousands of years and contains the alien technology his people are founded on. It's called the Masata and is given to the tribes Cosmic Engineer. The Keeper of the Knowledge. He hasn't mastered its use yet but when it does work, it has been his guardian angel and a Swiss Army knife of resourcefulness. This family heirloom can transform into any tool he needs to create his Inventions and will strive to protect him if he finds himself in a tricky situation. Sometimes.

The Geometry - Cosmo-Dimensional Power Source

The Geometry are alien power sources, that provide the energy that is required to run the devices Joshua creates. They are very valuable and the Evil corporation of Black Axis wants as many as it can get its hands on and at any cost.


SuperFly ver. 5 is a miniature surveillance Cybernetic Organism created by Joshua and powered by a Geometry crystal. Joshua and the gang have used Superfly 5 once before and he's definitely a part of their growing arsenal against Black Axis.

B.A.L.L.S - Buoyant Artificial Life-Preserving Logic Sentinel

BALLS was activated when Joshua was threatened by Black Axis. It somehow sensed he needed its help and amongst all his stuff, animated and came to his rescue. Joshua doesn't know who or why it was designed for
him but it has been a lifesaver.

Future Tech BMX

Joshua is an Extreme Sports enthusiast and his gift of invention allowed him to modify his BMX with his alien toys, he has at his disposal. He has a load of add-ons, that he can apply to it, to make it go faster, jump higher and even glow in the dark.


The Arachnobot is the creation of High Evolutionary - Kanu Umbekwi of Alkebulahn. This cybernetic organism's purpose is to hold it's creators essence and memory as a failsafe. It has done its job and continues to be Kanu's evil conscience.

Anthony Hewitt

Anthony Hewitt Author
Anthony was born in the U.K but grew up in Jamaica. He has always loved big adventure stories wether in film or books. So with an overactive imagination he wrote his serialised stories for his class mates to read and they loved it. He was awarded a gold star from his headmaster and thought he would never stop writing.
Then…he grew up.
Many, many years later, he still loves adventure stories, still thinks he’s a kid and still wants to write thrilling books for Young Adults. Join Anthony as he takes his first tentative steps into young reader storytelling with his contemporary sci-fi thriller Joshua N’Gon:Last Prince of Alkebulahn.

Do you know, who you really are, Joshua?


Joshua, Brick, Zion and Meena are in for a roller coaster ride of the dangerous, unbelievable and unknown. It will test their resolve to the maximum.


Joshua has something they want. What is it and how will he escape their clutches?

Alien Technology

Being gifted isn't all its cracked up to be. Joshua has been given the tools but he's not sure, how he should use them and they aren't very forthcoming either. Hopefully he will get the hang of his talents.


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